Why Blue Bird Bids is the leading penny auction site

Penny auction sites that promise extraordinary discounts for their customers can be easily found on the internet. However, not all of them fulfill their promise which in the end disappoints a lot of people and eventually ruins their name among enthusiasts of penny auction sites. Blue Bird Bids is one of those sites that have made it their responsibility to offer discounts and deliver on their promise every time. The management of Blue Bird Bids which includes Paul Redmayne, the president and Eric Swain, the vice president has ensured that online users who often visit the site are able to get a variety of quality items at a discounted rate.

The Blue Bird Bids auction site has one of the simplest registration processes which enable new users to quickly fill in their details and start placing bids on the items that they want to purchase. However, to place a bid there is need to buy bid packs that are available in a variety of denominations which range between ten and five hundred. According to the site, bidders are encouraged to consider buying the higher denominations of bid packs in order to stand a chance of enjoying higher discounts.

The bidding process which is the avenue through which the items on the site can be purchased is quite simple and this has made it possible for many users to identify, bid and purchase an item after successfully winning the bid. After signing up on the Blue Bird bids site, users only has to buy a bid pack to enable them participate in the bidding process. The number of bids needed for the items on the site is varied, but since each bid costs one dollar it makes it easier for the online users to buy many of them which they can use to place bids on different items. Furthermore, the price of an item on the site is determined by the bids placed on it, which means that the more the bids the lower the price of the item. Also, the bid has a time within which it expires and this also affects the price of an item on display.

The items displayed on Blue Bird Bids are all brand new, another feature that sets it apart from other penny auction sites. These products are sourced directly from the manufacturers who include a number of brand names that are trusted all over the world. Apart from having never been used before, the items that are on display have a warranty as well as service agreement that accompany them when shipped to an online user that has won a bid.

Overall, the growth of Blue Bird Bids has been gradual since its introduction and this is because of a management team that is dedicated to providing quality service and affiliates that they work with on a regular basis. In addition, the site recently launched a .biz site that offers even better services to their clients.


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