Blue Bird Bids: An opportunity to earn revenue

Blue Bird Bids - Paul Redmayne President

Blue Bird Bids – Paul Redmayne President

Blue Bird Bids has become a household name among individuals that are constantly looking for discounts on various items that they need to purchase. The penny auction site which has seen growth especially in the number of registered users has introduced a program that will see their users earn revenue by participating in their affiliate program.

The program offers an opportunity to benefit from Blue Bird Bids while still having fun and enjoying the discounts that are regular on the site. In addition, the President of Blue Bird Bids Paul Redmayne and his Vice President Eric Swain have contributed immensely to the establishment of the affiliate program and its future success.

Eric Swain Vice President of Blue Bird Bids

Eric Swain Vice President of Blue Bird Bids

To be part of Blue Birds Bids as an affiliate is a simple process as has been demonstrated in most of the activities that take place on the site. The first step a potential affiliate needs to take is to select a package that fits their needs. The packages that are on offer have monthly prepaid bids that are discounted and are used in growing the business. Also, the bids can also be used to bid on a variety of items that are being auctioned. Since the business is online based, the package also has a website that is similar to the Blue Bird Bids site and is used to introduce others to the program while growing the business. In addition, there is a structure that has been set up to aid affiliates in tracking commissions and bonuses, notifications on special as well as private auctions among others.

Blue Bird Bids offer users a chance to earn revenue through a number of bid packs namely starter, super and pro. Registered users who are interested in joining the affiliate program are able to buy their preferred bid pack to become a member of the program. The higher the membership on the program which is determined by the amount of monthly bids purchased, the higher the bids as well as shares a member is entitled to. However, to remain qualified for these benefits offered by Blue Bird Bids the member has to maintain a reoccurring the particular bid pack on a monthly basis.
Commissions are another way through which affiliates can earn money on Blue Bird bids by enrolling a new member to the affiliate program and also when they purchase bids. The percentage on the commission varies depending on the bid packs that have been purchased. Therefore, the number of customers an affiliate has under their wing translates to a larger amount of commissions which highly motivates them to enroll more people. Apart from earning commissions, private auctions that are organized by Blue Bird Bids for their affiliates see them earn a dream vacation and even contribute to their favorite charities.

Overall, Blue Bird Bids is an auction site that is beneficial to registered users as they have access to various discounted products through bidding and to affiliates as they can also earn money by working hard.